I’ve worked with James 4 times, both buying and selling. His vast experience in real estate has always made me feel like I have my own personal counselor when trying to figure out if a property is worth buying, or what needs to be done on my place to prepare it for sale.

Expect straight talk from James, but also expect prompt, professional service and someone you can rely on. You’ll also get to know him personally, and once you are in the Holloway network you are never forgotten.”

Neil P.

“We have purchased two properties and sold one with James. Frankly, in this city, I’d be worried if JRH wasn’t on my side. He has an uncanny ability to know what the offer should be, what terms the seller will find enticing, and how to get things done.

James has been a friend and trusted advisor to us even outside the context of the sale. He has been over to give advice on remodeling and redecorating, and has always been helpful with referrals when we have projects or repairs.

James can be tough, but when he’s on your side, that’s what you want. When we were selling our house, he went room-by-room with us telling us what we needed to put in storage or get rid of. It was a tough process, but our house sold in a soft market at a good price as a result.

For an agent who knows San Francisco and will get to know you, you can’t go wrong with James Romeo Holloway.”

Scott K.

“Little know fact about James: he is a singer. But, more importantly, you should know that he knows how to sell your home in San Francisco. In good times and bad… Seller’s market or buyer’s market. We’ve done both with Romeo and love his significant experience level, real estate acumen, sense of humor and the way he effectively handles EVERYTHING. Making sure our home was cleared of its overhwhelming amount of clutter (hey, he snapped us into shape.); attention to our children’s nap schedules, attention to our friendly dog and understanding neighbor’s best friend’s interest in saying hello to each potential buyer who walked through our door.

The icing on the cake is that Romeo is gifted with that requisite attention to detail. As an attorney, I can tell you that this quality is very hard to come by. Not everyone has it. So, grab it when you see it.

Quite simply, the man gets the job done and can make you happy to see him at the same time! Woohoo! I am surmising that only a handful of agents are as great as Romeo and know Noe Valley, Cole Valley and Haight-Ashbury among others like the back of his hand.

I should also say that James or Romeo as I like to call him ( he likes it as well) is also a communicator. Communication, if you don’t know this already, is the sine qua non of the real estate transaction. I could go on, but I won’t. Just be happy that there is Romeo in San Francisco. Romeo will either get your home sold or assist you in purchasing your first piece of real estate ever!”

Loren H.

“A few months ago, my husband and I decided to start looking for a home. At that point, we knew exactly who to turn to: James Romeo Holloway. He helped my husband purchase an awesome condo 5 years ago, and we knew he was our man for this job. On our first day of looking, we looked at over 14 homes in SF…it was a tremendous and tiring feat, but he smiled through the house-hunting process and gave us his honest opinions, which I really appreciated. Luckily, we soon found the home of our dreams. He guided us through the housing market, bidding, and mountains of paperwork. I am the most anxious person you will ever meet–but JRH soothed my worries, and he definitely got the job done. We now live in this wonderful home in the city and we are so happy that the process was pretty pain-free.

JRH is trustworthy, honest, and hard-working. He will lead you away from bad purchases and point you towards the better buys. He’s got the knowledge and the know-how, and he has the resources (from great inspectors to the best tile resources!). He’s really funny, too, and I enjoyed spending time with him! I have no hesitation in highly recommending him for the job! Kudos to James!”

Kat D.

“We started looking for our home right after our engagement last year. We were so lucky to find James Romeo!

James Romeo Holloway was referred to us by a friend who was selling her SF home. We really liked working with James. As first time homebuyers we were grateful for his 30 plus years of expertise in the SF real estate market. We learned a lot about house hunting in SF from him. He showed us what to look for as we visited potential homes, gave us references for loan officers, reassured us when we lost a bid and walked us through the process all the way to close.

Talking with him felt very familiar, like being consulted by a trusted relative. I appreciated his integrity. He would always listen to our needs and only recommended homes that were in our budget. When he took a vacation, he referred us to a colleague Osman Dost who was just as great as James Romeo.

We signed on our first home on Valentine's Day this year-- a promising 2 bedroom, 1 bath condo in a sleepy SF neighborhood. We plan on contacting James Romeo again if we decide to branch out for something bigger in a few years. For now, we are happy to enjoy our first home together and enjoy making it home.”

Frances L.

“James Romeo's utmost professionalism and calm demeanor, while selling our home in San Francisco, was a blessing. His 20+ years of real estate experience, plus his knowledge of real estate trends, the city, in general and specifically my neighborhood made trusting him with the sale of my home a no brainer. He has a long list of resources and contacts (stagers, flooring specialists, contractors, etc) at his disposal to aid in all aspects of preparation for a home sale, and were a great help to me. But most of all, James Romeo is a caring individual who always has his clients best interests at heart. I would definitely use his services again if the need arises, and I highly recommend him to prospective sellers and buyers.”

Cristina S.

“It was a pleasure to work with James who helped us purchase our house in the forest hill area in San Francisco May 2017.

He helped us navigate through the intimidating and competitive house market successfully and we could not be more pleased with the result. He is not only extremely knowledgable regarding the current market and inventory he put in countless extra hours on our behalf, spending time with us on house tours, making arrangements on putting offer letters in, and helping us do internet research. We truly could not have made it through without him and I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking for help finding a home.”

Christy D.

“James helped my wife and I look for a home in San Francisco and through the process, he was an ambassador, cheerleader, therapist and confidant.

If you are familiar with the SF market, you can appreciate the ability of your realtor being able to wear whichever hat to help you through the process of offers and home visits. Through the whole process, James keeps his cool, is perceptive, ethical and will tell it to you straight. He was cognizant of our time and family obligations and worked with our schedule to keep us apprised of listings and he would meet us wherever in SF, albeit to discuss our game plan or to view homes. He gave us space to hone in on what was important on our wish list including which neighborhoods, while providing guidance based on his expansive knowledge of SF and the current market.

James knows SF and it seems like everyone knows James throughout SF.”

Will C.

“James is fantastic. If you need to buy a house, I would not hesitate to use him. James worked with us to buy our first house in San Francisco. He completely knows and understands the ins and outs of the SF market. James answered all our questions patiently and with humor and worked tirelessly to get us to open houses and research the listings. Whether it is the structure, roof, plumbing, electrical, James would point all the pros and cons of each house we looked at. Nothing would get by his critical eye.

With decades of understanding the SF housing market, James was able to guide us through the maze of what it takes to buy a house here. He drafted multiple offer letters, advised us on pricing and why we should bid lower or higher, and kept us informed of all that was happening. I don't think we would have been able to buy our house let alone find and figure out how to buy our house without James' help, knowledge, and deep understanding of the market. I would not hesitate to recommend James to any of my family or friends.”

Hung T.

“James Romeo Holloway helped us sell our San Francisco home in 2013. He was an excellent guide to the current, local market, helped us to price our home fairly, and was always friendly, responsible, and detail-oriented. We felt confident as he led us through the process, and we appreciated his sense of humor along with his dedicated approach. James Romeo was the consummate professional, and we would recommend him to anyone looking to sell a home in San Francisco.”

Heidi S.

“I moved up to the Bay Area recently and decided to purchase a home in SF after seeing the crazy amount you have to pay for rent here. Initially it felt like an ominous task as the prices were much higher in the City than what I expected. James made the whole process work. He was incredibly patient and understanding. As we narrowed down our options he was always there to check in and provide all the support we needed. Even after the sale he's been checking in to make sure everything is going well. James knows the City very well and was really fun to drive around with. He has great knowledge of the history of properties here. All in all it was a great experience. I would definitely recommend James as a trusted advisor and broker.”

Cole K.

“We are so grateful for James' advocacy. He steadily navigated us through the sale of our home, giving us good advice on price, prioritizing everything we needed to do to make it as salable as possible, and getting us a great final price. His recommendations for trades people and inspectors to prep the home were excellent. Throughout the entire process James managed our anxiety with calm professionalism. He was always available, and checked in on us regularly once we started doing repairs to see how we were doing and how we could help. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a consummate professional, as well as a genuinely kind agent.”


“James was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. He guided us with his knowledge and professionalism and took care of us when our seller made our lives miserable. He often went above and beyond duty. I would not hesitate to recommend JRH.”

R. Brooks

“Selling your home is such a difficult process. James worked closely with us every step of the way, offering guidance, advice and support. He took care of details like the fireplace cleaner, finding us a great stager, etc. He brought a keen eye and a value-based sensibility to upgrades and improvements, steering us away from unnecessary things and helping us focus on what would increase our value. He was the person who helped buy the house 17 years ago, so he understood our attachment. We were very happy with the outcome, and feel great about entire process. Our home was in good hands with James!”

Debbie D.

“If there is any real estate agent in San Francisco with more knowledge about his profession, wit, honesty and trust with both sellers and buyers and his love for his profession, I would be surprised.”

Mendy R.

“James has an in-depth knowledge of the neighborhood (Mission, Noe, Castro, Eureka Valley, etc.) and that was one of the primary reasons that I wanted to work with him. He was very generous with his time - he worked with me well over a year before I was actually ready to sell. He also gave me good advice based on his vast experience and current trends. He never pushed his ideas or opinions on me or acted overly confident, something that some other realtors tend to do. Really enjoyed working with him and felt assured that he is an honest person.”

D. Tong

“My wife and I sold our Diamond Heights condominium in December, 2014, using James Romeo Holloway as our agent. We could not have been more pleased. In addition to being a very experienced, honest, hard-working and intelligent professional with a great knowledge of real estate practice and the San Francisco market, James is a tough negotiator and compassionate counselor during the complex course of a transaction. Add a great sense of humor and superb marketing skills to the mix and you've got the perfect agent, a man I would trust with my life, James Romeo Holloway!”

Barlie B.

“We chose James Romeo because of his obvious knowledge of the area and were not disappointed. He gave us great advice in negotiating the purchase price, really streamlined the documentation process, and was available for us every step of the way. Loved working with him.”

Jane O.

“They say that the three most stressful events in your life are the death of a loved one, planning for a wedding, and selling or buying a home. James Romeo Holloway at Zephyr was not around for the first two events, but in selling our home, he hit it out of the park! He was the total professional and at the same time, he had such a friendly way about him. He was tireless, caring and very clever in his execution of his job. Because of his advice and great team of professionals, we were able to sell our home in less then a week for way over the asking price.

Recommending James is very easy. He was tireless, always communicating, making sure we understood the whole process and listened to our concerns. It is rare to find this sense of professionalism and friendliness all in one package.”

Modesto T.

“James Romeo is a miracle worker! We came to him as a group of multiple buyers looking to buy a multi-unit property together as a TIC. Our loan docs were complicated, but James helped us find lenders who could get the job done quickly and carefully. We are all new to the city, and have relatively sparse knowledge of its varying neighborhoods. James patiently showed us dozens of properties over several months in a wide range of neighborhoods, and we made a number of offers which were rejected. Due to our busy schedules and the intense timelines of SF real estate, we were always racing the clock to get our offers out by the deadline, but James was always responsive and always got it done.

The property we ended up acquiring came as a surprise to us. We thought we didn't have much of a competitive chance and indeed we were up against higher all-cash offers with no contingencies. But in the end it was James Romeo's name and highly regarded reputation in the industry that swayed the seller's agents to advise his client to accept our offer over the others. They believed that James Romeo would get it done. And he did. We are now happily enjoying our first property in the city and will definitely come back to James if the time ever comes to make a move. ”

L.A. Gifford

“James Romeo Holloway helped us sell our San Francisco home in March, 2013. He was an excellent guide to the current, local market, helped us to price our home fairly, and was always friendly, responsible, and detail-oriented. We felt confident as he led us through the process, and we appreciated his sense of humor along with his dedicated approach. James Romeo was the consummate professional, and we would recommend to anyone looking to sell a home in San Francisco.”


James Romeo Holloway

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