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I’ve worked with James 4 times, both buying and selling.  His vast experience in real estate has always made me feel like I have my own personal counselor when trying to figure out if a property is worth buying, or what needs to be done on my place to prepare it for sale.

Expect straight talk from James, but also expect prompt, professional service and someone you can rely on.   You’ll also get to know him personally, and once you are in the Holloway network you are never forgotten.

Neil P.

We have purchased two properties and sold one with James. Frankly, in this city, I’d be worried if JRH wasn’t on my side. He has an uncanny ability to know what the offer should be, what terms the seller will find enticing, and how to get things done.

James has been a friend and trusted advisor to us even outside the context of the sale. He has been over to give advice on remodeling and redecorating, and has always been helpful with referrals when we have projects or repairs.

James can be tough, but when he’s on your side, that’s what you want. When we were selling our house, he went room-by-room with us telling us what we needed to put in storage or get rid of. It was a tough process, but our house sold in a soft market at a good price as a result.

For an agent who knows San Francisco and will get to know you, you can’t go wrong with James Romeo Holloway.

Scott K.

Little know fact about James: he is a singer. But, more importantly, you should know that he knows how to sell your home in San Francisco. In good times and bad… Seller’s market or buyer’s market. We’ve done both with Romeo and love his significant experience level, real estate acumen, sense of humor and the way he effectively handles EVERYTHING. Making sure our home was cleared of its overhwhelming amount of clutter (hey, he snapped us into shape.);  attention to our children’s nap schedules, attention to our friendly dog and understanding neighbor’s best friend’s interest in saying hello to each potential buyer who walked through our door.

The icing on the cake is that Romeo is gifted with that requisite attention to detail. As an attorney, I can tell you that this quality is very hard to come by. Not everyone has it. So, grab it when you see it.

Quite simply, the man gets the job done and can make you happy to see him at the same time! Woohoo!  I am surmising that only a handful of agents are as great as Romeo and know Noe Valley, Cole Valley and Haight-Ashbury among others like the back of his hand.

I should also say that James or Romeo as I like to call him ( he likes it as well) is also a communicator. Communication, if you don’t know this already, is the sine qua non of the real estate transaction. I could go on, but I won’t. Just be happy that there is Romeo in San Francisco. Romeo will either get your home sold or assist you in purchasing your first piece of real estate ever!

Loren H.

A few months ago, my husband and I decided to start looking for a home.  At that point, we knew exactly who to turn to: James Romeo Holloway. He helped my husband purchase an awesome condo 5 years ago, and we knew he was our man for this job. On our first day of looking, we looked at over 14 homes in SF…it was a tremendous and tiring feat, but he smiled through the house-hunting process and gave us his honest opinions, which I really appreciated. Luckily, we soon found the home of our dreams. He guided us through the housing market, bidding, and mountains of paperwork.  I am the most anxious person you will ever meet–but JRH soothed my worries, and he definitely got the job done. We now live in this wonderful home in the city and we are so happy that the process was pretty pain-free.

JRH is trustworthy, honest, and hard-working. He will lead you away from bad purchases and point you towards the better buys. He’s got the knowledge and the know-how, and he has the resources (from great inspectors to the best tile resources!). He’s really funny, too, and I enjoyed spending time with him! I have no hesitation in highly recommending him for the job! Kudos to James!

Kat D.


James Romeo…